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Design × Illustra × Graff since 2000.


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This is my showcase on Design × Illustra × Graff.

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Less is more, do more with less.

My love for design came up through drawing and that came to me at the end of high school.

Since then, it has been one of the areas where i´ve putted my greattest effort in specialization.



Drawing, fuel for thought.

This drawing addiction grew every since i´ve started to dedicate to illustration back in 1999.

I´ve always been a self-learner and work to evolve in a daily basis.



Get up, get out and get better.

I´ve started painting in 2000 and it has fully changed me. Every since i´ve started getting involved into graffiti, i´ve fallen for this world.

Nowadays, i either paint works or just for fun.